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November 21, 2013
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Jesse crept through the beautiful rainforest silently, hoping not to scare away any animals. She saw a doe right up ahead, and sat behind a bush, pulling her hat over her head, and straightening out her coat. She drew her camera from her backpack as she placed it on the ground, and slid a new camera tape inside. The doe stood there quietly, eating away at the small portions of weeds and food Jesse lay out for it earlier. She was glad her plan had worked to attract a doe or even a deer.

The doe ate peacefully, its ears twitching and moving as flocks of birds flew through the trees, dancing from branch to branch with excitement and glee. The lovely green texture in the leaves on the bush Jesse hid behind was so soft and green. She saw a blue butterfly flutter near the tree that stood next to the doe. Gentle sunlight was shining through the tall forest leaves, giving a perfect god-like gleam to the doe’s area.

Jesse began taking quick, and steady pictures of the doe, hoping it wouldn’t hear her. She could feel the soft moss-like grass under her thongs, which made her want to remove them. Before she knew it, her feet were already buried in the soft grass, no dry grass or stones whatsoever. Just soft, green, warm grass. Jesse heard the doe hop away with a much larger deer, that had larger horns. She figured it may have left with a mate or parent.

She stood from behind her bush, and moved to the area the doe was standing. The weeds and food were all finally gone, and Jesse was glad to get the pictures she wanted. Finally, she begun to set out more food in an area that wasn’t too far from where she just was. This time, she left a small tray of water that was fresh from the lake that was at least half a mile from where she was now. As she sat down behind a nearby tree, she felt something around her ankle.

It didn’t seem to bother her at first, she figured it was the annoying piece of string that broke off her anklet, but it wasn’t, no. The thing around her ankle was on the other one, and it was slowly wrapping up her ankles, and past her shins. She looked down, and saw the long coils of a snakes tail. Something tapped her shoulder as she looked down, and when she went to look up, the face of a young boy was so close to her, he looked like he was going to kiss her. Jesse also noticed he was hanging from a low tree branch from above.

She jumped back in fear, but landed on something that was now suddenly coiling around her arms and waist. She tried pulling away, but the coils of this unbelievably long snake was holding her down it its soft, cool coils. She looked at the upside down boy who had his arms crossed in patience, waiting for her to stop struggling. Jesse looked at his waist, and didn’t see his legs hanging over a branch, instead, she saw a long, brownish grey snake tail replacing his legs. She stared at his coils, and noticed something about him. Was he a mythical Naga?

The boy slid over the branch he hang from, and moved down to Jesse as she lay there in his coils. Already they had coiled her chest, and they had stopped at her neck, leaving her head free. The boy un-coiled her left hand, and forced his coils around her arm to raise it up to his hands. Jesse smiled gently, obviously knowing this Naga boy meant no harm…yet.

“Who are you, sweety?” the boy spoke with a soft voice, suddenly holding her hand, “And what are you doing here, all alone in the deep, dark rainforest” Jesse giggled, knowing to herself this rainforest didn’t seem so dark. In fact, it was so bright and lovely, she could live there. Jesse shrugged to the boys question, and felt his coils around her body start to tighten a bit. He didn’t want that type of answer.

“I’m Jesse” she finally answered, the coils around her stopping from their constriction, “and I’m here to explore and study the animals. A baby deer was on the road, and I tried to return it to this rainforest that people never seem to leave from” The boy smiled and moved closer to her, suddenly at her side. She looked up, and saw the top of the tree. Above, was the beautiful green leaves that became transparent as the sunlight glowed on them.

“Well, Jesse” the boy whispered, “I’m Deck, but you can call me D” The boy started loosening his coils around her body, giving her space to move. She shuffled around comfortably in his coils, and felt him slide his arms around her waist as he un-coiled it. The boy held her hand gently, and finally let her hand go, stroking her hair as she started relaxing.

The boy had his coils spread everywhere across the small area they were in as Jesse started falling asleep. She finally fought off this dreamy state, and managed to slip right out of the boys coils. He growled softly as she crawled quickly across the ground, and lashed his tail at her thighs, causing her to lose balance in her crawling, and fall to the ground on her stomach. His tail instantly started coiling around her legs, creeping up to her waist, then past her torso.

“Don’t leave me, Jesse, we just met!” the boy called to her as she lay helplessly in his coils. She tried escaping again, but it was hardly any use.

The boy started sliding up to her, raising his coils up so she could stand on her feet. He kept her body coiled, and felt her useless struggles against his coils. Jesse looked around, hoping to find a way to escape, but could only watch as the boy pressed his face in hers, forcing her to look in his eyes. She was annoyed at first, but then she noticed that his eyes were actually filled with colourful rings that she couldn’t look away from.
The boy smiled and held her chin in his hand, hoping to make sure she couldn’t look away. Before she knew it, Jesse’s eyes were filled with the same colourful rings that were irresistibly pretty.

The body chuckled to himself, and moved his face away from hers as a smile spread across her face, and her eyes suddenly felt heavy. She noticed that the coils were actually keeping her in place, so when she needed to collapse when she fell into a deep trance, her body would only lean against the coils she was in.
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e2s86 Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
next part next part
KathyWolveTheDemon Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yha....I'm nearly finished :3
Darkened-Innocence Nov 21, 2013  Student General Artist
THIS. IS. AWESOME! I wonder what will happen next. (Waits intently for more)
KathyWolveTheDemon Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you X3 Me too ;)
(begins writing the rest!)
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